Listening to the voice of God

I want to share a funny story with you guys right now, if you don’t mind. So I’m doing a bible study by myself and its all about the love and care of the father and I’m in the book of Luke reading the parable of the lost sheep (Lk. 15) and of course John 10 comes to my head which is about the sheep knowing his shepherds voice and I’m doing this study and writing down a question I have for those around me that I thought was so good. I wrote “Do you know your shepherds voice? are you listening to him or do you have your earmuffs in?” and I’m like ‘heck yeah that’s a great question’ and I’m thinking ‘well I obviously know my shepherds voice and I LISTEN to him all the time’….. well let me tell you, that question was intended for myself. See the definition of listening isn’t waiting for it to be your turn to talk.

I was sitting in prayer this morning and kept talking to God about all sorts of things and then I looked at the clock and realized it was time to get ready because I was meeting up with a friend to go shopping for our office. I walked away from that moment believing God didn’t have anything to tell me when in relaity, I wasnt listening- I was just talking talking talking. Then I came back and sat in prayer before doing my study again and believed I was listening to God when in reality I didn’t even give Him a chance to talk. I sat in my study thinking this was so awesome and that people would have trouble answering that question and then as I kept going over it I realized I wasn’t listening to God the way I was preaching about. When God was speaking to me about listening to His voice I chose to ignore His. That study was not meant to be sent out to those I was intending to but instead it was for me to keep. I literally was running away from God instead of listening to what He has to say.

That hit like a load of bricks. Or a load of words I should say.

God’s goal for today is to have intentional conversations with us and when I say conversations I dont mean Him listening to us ramble about the traffic on the freeway and how annoying our parents are when they ask us to do the dishes. He doesn’t care that you’re upset that you got a ticket, He doesnt care that you’re mad about the red lights. He doesn’t care that you didn’t finish everything on your to-do list and maybe if he gave you more time in the day you could have.

He doesn’t work through your to-do list. God wants to use His time with you to talk about things that matter- things that are useful, He wants to use you in ways you aren’t letting Him because you believe that you are more deserving of attention. Don’t let yourself get caught up in your own self that you lose sight of who God is for us. Listen to what God has to say for once, don’t make it all about you- make it all about Him.


Spoken Word- God’s Love

Im here to tell of the love of God..

To preach the gospel in one sitting..

Some may think it’s odd,

While others begin resubmitting.

Let me tell you one thing,

You lose a lot when you become christian,

But so much more when you don’t have a clear vision

So please just sit back and listen,

I promise its not all about religion.

God didn’t send jesus to make our lives black and white-

But to make everything alright.

Jesus came to tell of the love of a father,

To tell the world they are sons and daughters.

Jesus came with a vision to live, die, and rise again

and after all that- were still inhumane.

Let me ask you..

Where is the compassion?


Where is the kindness?

We are supposed to be here for edification,

We are supposed to be here for exhortation.

See Jesus said the 2nd greatest commandment is to love your neighbor

and most christians still find that hard labor.

We are the church,

and instead of building people up- were putting them down.

I mean honestly, lets take a look around..

Religion is just starting wars

its telling kids to be scared to go outdoors

Do you really think THIS is why jesus came?

Jesus came to give peace,

I promise he has plenty.

He came to tell you that you’re an art piece

and your value is more than just a small penny.

There is sweet serenity

when you die to yourself and find your true identity

You are defined by the one true king,

The one that gives you life for eternity.

the one that saved you when you thought you were too far gone

and when you turned around that light was still on

and the sweet word of Jesus told you “come to me- I love you”

He took up the cross for you-

He took up the cross for me.

He looked around and saw our sin,

and said “here, it will begin. Here, it will finish.”

We know he doesn’t need us,

But he’s still pleased with us.

Its not about our good deeds,

because we are no longer starving weeds.

He came to save us, he came to be served

and if you sit back and observe

you will see all the people trying to be an idol

the people that are homicidal and that are suicidal

because they haven’t seen the love of our father.

the one that is the author of the salvation of our nation..

He is off the cross- lets not keep him there.

He rose on the 3rd day-

and hasn’t turned away.

His presence is here,

so lets extend an ear and listen to what he has to say.

We need to stop making it all about us but instead all about him

We need to listen to what he has to say

because its better than what we will ever try to tell ourselves.

So many times, the enemy gets in our heads,

telling us to be ashamed,

But I’m sure you already know this- Jesus overcame.

Forgiveness was bought with the blood of jesus.

your sin should not be your weakness.

We always hear “you aren’t good enough”

but let me be the one to tell you, they must not know the man above.

The altar is there

just come up for air, ask for prayer- you don’t need to suffocate.

The love of christ is deep

it is vast beyond measures.

It is the treasure we all have been looking for-

but it was right in front of our face.

So I’m here to share the love of God-

Its not a showcase.

To Him is simple and official.

Nothing can break it.

This is real love

and you and Jesus just fit like a player and a glove.

Sierra Quintal


Sometimes we care so deeply about what is going on in our lives, the things we face everyday, the challenges, our fears even and sometimes even our past. I actually think about my past more than I think about my future and if anyone on here knows my past they would know why I think about it most.  I wanted to write out my testimony tonight but also share it with others because I think we base what we do off of society which is sad, but also beautiful at the same time. I like that sharing my struggles and ways God has worked through me, brings someone else out of darkness.

Growing up I was raised by 2 LOVING parents who sacrificed everything for me and I am so grateful for that! My parents were together for 23 years and had me 18 years ago, I was the only kid from both Jeff and Jodie, my other siblings either had a different mother or father. I loved my family growing up, we always had family parties and pool days and would BBQ a lot. We were a happy family or so I thought, but I was young and blind to the bad stuff, my parents fought behind closed doors and made sure to keep me happy. I am so grateful I wasn’t around it, but it made the first time I witnessed it very hard, harder than I thought because I didn’t believe my parents could say mean things or argue about words I barely knew the definition of. In 6th grade, my parents separated, I didn’t know why till later years and it’s between my parents so I have no place to share it, especially without their permission or probably even knowledge that I know. My father is native american so growing up I participated in different culture events because I was a complete daddy’s girl, I wanted to do everything he did so I followed him and tried walking the red road with him. Being my father’s daughter, I wasn’t patient enough to slow down and learn and do what I needed to do so I stopped trying, that hurt my dad I know that now looking back. Anyways, 7th grade my parents got back together and we moved into my dad’s house.

It wasn’t until 8th grade that I let God into my life, I believed in Him and went to church every week but I can honestly say I did not have a relationship with Him. I attended my first summer camp with my church up to Ponderosa Pines in Big Bear and for the first time in my life, someone there on the last night, asked me to pray for them out loud because of things she was going through. I did it and immediately felt a rush of God because I knew doing that for the first time ever made my Heavenly Father happy and that brought me joy. I stayed at church and went weekly and tried so hard to encounter God on many levels, one night during my freshman year I was very sad and had thought about ending my life over a boy that broke my heart, it was my first heart break and looking back now i’m sure glad I didn’t (lyrics to a country song lol). I cried out to God and blamed Him for everything I felt which was so unfair. Our God does not put us through things He knows we wont get through, He loves us unconditionally and just like my earthly father fought with my mother behind my back to protect me, all my Heavenly Father wants to do is protect me.

Through out high school I went boy crazy and couldn’t not have the attention from a boy for any amount of time. My sophomore year (the start of summer into junior year) I met a boy that I instantly fell head over boots for, we dated for only a few months and I let myself go for him. By that I mean I lost myself so I could focus on him and his happiness. I gave all I had (it felt like) to him, he was my first for everything except kissing. I lost myself and sure enough he broke my heart in September, 1 month after he broke up with me, so October, my grandma passed away, my mother was drinking, and in December, my parents told me they were getting a divorce. A lot happened within a couple of months but I pushed towards God and tried so hard to read his word and focus on my relationship with Him because of how lost I felt with all of this going on within such a short amount of time.

Summer into senior year, I stopped believing in things I used to, I stopped going to church and focused on worshiping earthly things instead and lost myself completely. I was living with my mom and started to lose my relationship with my dad and as a girl, not having my dad as my covering like I was used to, I looked for it in other guys and gave my self to 4 other guys in a very short amount of time. I was partying, drinking and driving, smoking weed and driving, I never touched drugs but I sure enough was surrounded by it. My mom did not like any of this, mainly because I was rebelling, losing myself, losing my relationships because I didn’t care about others anymore and I just wanted to be out on the town all night. My mom was just trying to protect me because anything could happen at a party and she would feel guilty for letting me go. Her constantly telling me to stop partying only made me want to do it more, it was the teenage side of me. No one could tell me to stop, or to go back to church, I have always been so independent and I knew if I wanted to stop and go back to church I would and sure enough I did halfway through my senior year.

Going back I was so scared of being judged or questioned and I knew I had to talk to people and what I was doing would break their heart because they were my family but I learned that the only way you can come into God’s light is to admit to things I was doing in the darkness. I shared what was going on with my youth pastor and felt a tremendous weight off my shoulder and knew from there on out I wanted to devote myself to God, I didn’t want to be who I was, I wanted to figure out who I was. (this was February) I got involved in going to church again and put my hands to work in my God’s church. I got so close to my friends again and my life flipped completely 180 degrees. I was so happy with the relationship I could feel between me and my King.

My dad was sick and got cancer shortly after my parents divorced, a lot had been going on with him during my senior year and it was so hard and sad not having him around during that time but I couldn’t do anything to fix our relationship at this point, I knew he wouldn’t change anything. His sickness got really bad my last 2 months of high school and my family knew the time was coming that we would lose him. He was in and out of hospitals until we put him at his friends house through hospice. The most time we had was 2 months with him and so I decided to fix everything even if he didn’t want me to, I needed the closure with him and I wanted him to know how happy I was to be his daughter. I took a week off of school and took care of my dad, he no longer could do anything on his own and I knew I had to step up and be the daughter he raised. I learned love, patience, hope and most importantly forgiveness. My dad died 4 days later and I was met with such a beautiful love the moment he took his last breath. I got to hold his hand and make eye contact with him and tell him I love him as he went. My Heavenly Father had his arms wide open and took my dad to the most beautiful place, that one day I will see and meet my daddy again. Just like before, I turned to God and pushed to be a proud daughter to both my Kings. I now can say I have the strong relationship with God I always wanted.

I have scripture in front of me that says [ Romans 8:18- ” I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in us.” ]

I believe I will meet my dad again one day, and my grandma and all my loved ones I’ve lost and loved so much, I have so much to be grateful for and the things I go through now hurt, yes, but they will be overcome by the beautiful reward in Heaven. God wakes us up every morning just to tell us “I have today planned out for you, trust me and I will handle your problems.” The minute you put yourself in the middle of God’s love is the moment you will stop worrying and put all your trust in Him. He has revealed himself to me many times, in ways I always ignored and pushed to the side and if I could go back I would stay still and accept that He is God and nothing will ever will the void in my heart except for my King.

Good Good Father

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was check all social media. Now while I was doing this I realized how natural it has become to obsess over social media and other people’s lives without realizing it. We can spend hours on social media watching funny videos and stalking famous people but can’t sit and read the bible without checking our phone in between.

I set my phone on the other side of the room with music playing and spent a good half hour with my king this morning. I read through Isaiah 1 and was blessed with an amazing reminder from verse 18 that says “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” My God does not hold a record of wrongs instead focuses on how I am living for him, how I’m becoming a light to others around me, how I’m spending my days with him because of how good of a father he is to those in need. You know what He has been putting on my heart so much recently? That the wounds in my body can not be healed by an oil or antidote unless that antidote is Him. His love is so deep that it is washing over me, he is renewing my mind and canceling out all distractions so I may focus on him, focus on the one that didn’t forget to wake me up, that blessed me with 18 amazing years, that tested me and pulled me back. My God is so good and I am proud to be a child on God.



it’s called temptations for a reason & it’s hard especially when culture is selling us a lie that the most important thing in a relationship is sex. Think about how many students we have at our school & how many of them would agree that sex is a important thing in relationships. Like I can admit that I used to think it was but if you have sex with your partner before you’re married then what will be different when you are married? That you’re no longer sinning sexually because you are married now? That’s why we are called to wait so that when we do get married it is special & not that I regret any of the guys that I’ve had sex with but I always think about this: what if on my marriage day, the 5 guys I’ve had sex with had to walk behind me and shake my husbands hand & admit that they took something that belonged to only my husband & that wasn’t theirs. This thing that was meant for 2 people has now been shared with others who weren’t allowed to it. Now when I think about that, that’s what helps me to turn from temptation & I’ve been single/not talking to anyone since December so I haven’t been close to temptation because I haven’t been alone with a guy in 3 months & the last time I was alone with a guy, we did have sex. So I understand that temptations come with being alone with someone so maybe something you should work on is boundaries, ya know like if you are gonna get into a relationship again. Things like not being alone in a room or house together. I’ve been setting boundaries for my future relationship & praying that when it comes along that I won’t fall short because sex before marriage comes with pain & guild & shame and then we create names for ourselves that we are failures but God loves us the most while we are sinning. And when we’re naming ourselves, he’s calling “son” “daughter” “worthy” because he does not define us by our sins or failures, instead he loves us and makes sure we know it as long as we listen

Things to think about going into a relationship

Hey guys so not sure if anyone ever reads these so I’m probably talking to myself like 110% of the time but I just wanted to share my heart on relationships tonight because I am involved in 3 churches now and 2 of them happen to be in the series of dating mainly because we are high schoolers.

We live in a society that defines their relationship either as boyfriend and girlfriend or the term that no one knows the meaning of:thing. When I hear “we have a thing” I sort of think their talking and getting to know each other but I believe you should call it as it is. Define the relationship– if you are still just friends then put it that way and if you’re dating then say that. You will not be honoring God if you define your relationship as a thing but you are touching and kissing each other on a daily basis.

I am also a strong believes in boundaries. They liberate a relationship and help you to again define the relationship. If you don’t have boundaries then you aren’t showing what you value. Also if you don’t set boundaries you will begin to touch each other in different places and do things you may regret later in life. If that person you’re touching is not your spouse then they are someone else’s and you are touching something that does not belong to you. Remember that consequences come with broken boundaries.

Quick question, can you tell your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends future husband/wife that you respected her body in which belongs to him?

Ladies- let the guy pursue you. Make him climb the tower to get you out of it  and save the princess rather than waiting at the bottom while you figure out how to escape. If he waits at the bottom then he probably doesn’t meet your standards and you should let him be on his way and wait for a man that will meet your standards and agree to your boundaries.

Unconditional love

My Lord.. loves me John 3:16
My Lord.. cares for me Matthew 6:26

A year ago I was in love I was 16 and this boy was all I wanted. A prince, who I guess save me. A boy who pulled me out of dark nights but may I remind you, we were 16 and the boy to me was just attention. I loved him, I believe I truly did. But he was never a man or a savior. Sure he helped and was there when I wanted him but where was he when I needed him? He left. He took my value and ran away. My Prince no longer could save me from the pain and hurting and depression all because he was causing it.

My Savior knew I was hurting and I knew he was my prince, my king, my Savior and my one true love. I no longer needed that 16 year old boy. God has my heart the whole time and picked me up right when I thought I fell so deep into tears. He is the only man that will ever have unconditional love for me and the only man I will ever truly love.

Unconditional love: affection without any limitations

Lord I know you’re my rock. Lord I know you are my king. (psalm 62:1-2) And Lord I know it’s only your love that can save me. When I fall you pick me up, when I’m up, you help me to grow, when I think I’m grown, you test my faith and when you test my faith, I hope I do not fail you. You remind me time after time that it’s your unconditional love I will always live by and Lord I believe it.

Lord your love is an agape love and I am in awe of you for giving us your all and only asking for a little in return. I give my life to you Lord to be your servant, to live for you my Lord. I want to be an image and reflection of you and I want others to see your love through my light Lord.

Agape love: the highest form of love